Global Digital Experts on B2B Fintech

100+ Employees

80+ SW Engineers


Business Domain

At KOSIGN, we operate in 3 main business domains at both local and global scale.

B2B Fintech Products

KOSIGN provides B2B e-Finance software for corporates through cloud services to eliminate inefficiency in business operations. KOSIGN always continues to develop more innovative products.

Successfully-launched services: WeATM, WeBill, and WeUMS.

e-Finance Solutions

KOSIGN possesses NEBSOA, e-Business framework; iBLS Enterprise, intelligent e-Finance relay, and other various e-Finance business solutions for banks and corporates.

Successfully-operated solutions: Internet/Mobile Banking, KFTC Integration, and NBC Project Integration(NCH, FAST, CSS, RFT, Bakong).

Global IT Outsourcing

KOSIGN has been providing high-quality IT outsourcing to the global market since 2016. Our engineers have been trained to ensure a global standard for our customers' success in the global market.

Successful outsourcing domains: Mobile, Web, Publishing, and Scraping.


No.1 B2B Fintech
Company in Indochina

Our vision is not only to become the top software company in Cambodia, but also to become the No.1 B2B Fintech Software Company in Indochina.

Global Talents

To secure the global Software Development capacity.

B2B Software #1

To deeply focus on B2B Fintech Domain.

Best Corp. Culture

To be a good company (Environment, welfare & CSR)



In 2013, Korea Software Innovation Global Network (KOSIGN Investment Co., Ltd.)  founded by Webcash and other 8 associated leading software companies headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

In 2014, KOSIGN opened an R&D center with 50+ software engineers working on local and global Fintech projects. 18 KOSIGN software engineers were sent to South Korea for one or two-year training.

In 2015, KOSIGN has increased its capital to $1.1 million.


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